How to Make Delicious Healthy Snacks πŸ™Œ πŸ‘

Yummy healthy snacks

Eating healthy is important to me. It can be very difficult, and expensive to manage a healthy diet day in day out, but I know how I feel has a direct relation to what I eat. To manage a healthy meal for lunch when traveling or running from projects to meetings is not something you just run into, you have to plan and think to eat a healthy meal in the midst of hectic work schedule.

I used to handle long gaps between my meals, but to stay healthy and keeping my energy high I know I need my snacks. Natural snacks with no preservatives, mostly dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits. Fruits with high fiber content are great when traveling, since they help with our digestive system and can keep us regular. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, keep our brain sharp, and raisins, dry cherries and dates help the hunger feeling just disappear.

It is also important to watch sugar content and level of fiber in our natural snack mix. Combining few dry fruits with one or two types of nuts, and paying attention to fresh fruits that last longer as we pack them in our travel bag. For example berries, won’t stay fresh as well as an orange, banana or an apple.

Click on the link To see how I mix dry fruit, and nuts for a healthy snack bagπŸ˜‹. I hope you get some ideas in creating your own healthy snacks. Please leave your comments and subscribe πŸ™Œ

Thank you so muchπŸ₯°

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