The charming, versatile, timeless design..

of the mid century Safari Chair by Kaare Klint

1stdibs, Kaare Klint Safari chair

We have a special love toward the Safari chair. Growing up with a pair in our family room their design evolution through the years has always caught our attention.

 The structure of our Safari chairs intrigued us. They looked different from other soft chairs in the house that were layered in soft pillows. This chair had many open spaces within its frame that encourage us to follow the lines and be mesmerized by its unique design.

It was a beautiful combination of smooth wood and beautiful rich brown leather with heavy stitching at every angle.

Safari chair began its common life by Kaare Klint in 1933. In his trip to Africa he was inspired by chairs used by Americans and Britons that were similar in design to the Roorkhee chair. Named after the headquarters of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers in Roorkhee, India. This chair was lightweight at about 10 lbs., and was easy to take apart and assemble back.

Today the Safari Chair comes in varieties of colors, textures, frames, and prices.

Rose & Fitzgerald

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