Mercury candle holders create more light

Mercury candleholders add and reflect light. As a center piece or if spread around on any surface, in between picture frames,  on a mantel, or the coffee table.

If you are willing to create your own Mercury candle holder here is a few steps to follow:

  • glass votives and hurricanes
  • 1 package silver leaf
  • 1 package gold leaf
  • leaf adhesive
  • 1″ artist brush
  • soft, mop head brush

Use a 1 inch artist brush, apply leaf adhesive to inside of votive or hurricane. Wait for it to dry until adhesive is clear and tacky. Use a thin coat and brush over adhesive after about ten minutes of drying time to prevent drips and pooling.

Tear gold leafing into small pieces and sprinkle inside votive in a random pattern. Use a finger tip to gently smooth down gold leaf.

Front gate, Mercury votive candles
Potterybarn, Mercury candleholders
West elm, Mercury candleholders
Pier one, Mercury votives

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