Paper Tapestry Wall decor


A great way to creat an interesting wall. Made of paper, these wall tapestries have beautiful colors, and a natural relaxing look. They make any wall beautiful, and any room cozy and inviting.

Birch lane


How to create a livable living room

Warm colors

With colors, textures, and living plants we can create a living area that we can enjoy spending time with our family.

Knitted, textured pillows, warm woods in the side table and mirror, and a fluffy rug in warm colors like gold, chestnut, soft greys, and browns create an inviting,  warm, relaxing surroundings. Stacks of books and magazines are a good addition to bare corners.

Curved lines and a central point in a room is also a key. Pull your furniture to the middle of the room away from walls, and make sure you have comfortable furniture so every piece is liked, and is being used. Make sure TV is not the focal point in the room. Your goal is to have everyone reading, talking, and enjoying themselves.

to sum it up:

1- comfortable furniture

2- soft colors

3- textures ( knitted pillows, throws)

4- light, and mirrors to reflect light

5- to add layers: books, magazines, green live plants

Southern living, comfortable furniture, bright, warm colors & layers of textures