Creating warm & cozy spots at home

I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say nothing keeps you warm like wool.

If you live in a city that experiences a true winter with snow pouring down for days and never seems to melt till March, you think about fabrics that keep you warm all the time.

This winter I decided to purchase the plush blankets or faux furs that are very soft and come in many beautiful colors. To creat warm cozy places I covered most of our sitting places with them.

I still have our wool blankets, we need to stay warm, but fury and soft can be very comforting too.🌞 Wishing everyone a cozy winter❄️

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YnM Kids Weighted Blanket

Bourina Beige Throw Blanket

Decorating in English style

Cozy corner

When the weather changes to rain and cooler temperatures, the look and feel of British style decorating is the perfect style.

5 main reasons what we love about it:

1- comfort is important, either a warm cozy corner or comfortable chairs

2- colors are important bold and vibrant

3- matching throws, with fabrics on furniture and drapes, just plain matching

4- furniture is also for storage space

5- decorating with stacks of books and plants. magazines on shelves, floors, and any flat surface