Decorating ideas picked up from nature

We all know it is healthy for everyone in the family to go for walks, and enjoy this early cool weather. Most of the time with our family it is too hard to keep everyone interested for the entire walk, so we look for flowers to pick or acorns to collect. And there is no competing!! Just what ever we can, and how many we can pack in our pockets or fill our hats with.
This morning after our walk we washed and dried all the acorns we had collected and did our own decorating around the house. Enjoy your next family walk.

1- acorns filling up a blue vase.

2- acorns as vase fillers to keep our arrangement together.

3- acorns in a handmade bowl on a bookcase next to family pictures.

4- acorns adding a fallish look to our dinning room candle holder.

5- acorns with fresh fruits on our breakfast table.

Brown acorns
Brown acorns by baseball field
Acorns in a blue vase
Acorns in a blue vase nice contrast
Acorns vase filler
Acorns vase filler
Acorns in a bowl accent piece
Acorns in a bowl
Acorns in a candle holder
Acorns with candles


Acorns with fresh fruits
Acorns with fresh fruits


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