Delicious & Healthy Snacks 🙌 👍

Yummy healthy snacks

Eating healthy is important to me. It can be very difficult, and expensive to manage a healthy diet day in day out, and sometimes just plain difficult, but I know how I feel has a direct relation to what I eat. To manage a healthy meal for lunch when traveling or running from projects to meetings is not something you just run into, you have to plan and think to eat a healthy meal in the midst of hectic work schedule.

I used to handle long gaps between my meals, but to stay healthy and keeping my energy high I know I need my snacks. Natural snacks with no preservatives, mostly dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits. Fruits with high fiber content are great when traveling, since they help with our digestive system and can keep us regular. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, keep our brain sharp, and raisins, dry cherries and dates help the hunger feeling just disappear.

It is also important to watch sugar content and level of fiber in our natural snack mix. Combining few dry fruits with one or two types of nuts, and paying attention to fresh fruits that last longer as we pack them in our bag. For example berries, won’t stay fresh as well as an orange, banana or an apple.

To see how I mix dry fruit, and nuts for my healthy snack bag😋I have attached our YouTube video. I hope you enjoy watching it. Please leave your comments and subscribe 🙌👍 Thank you 🥰

A Great Breakfast 😋 💕

My most favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I enjoy traveling mostly for the fact, that I get the chance to try something new and special from the region. Some what like, the scene in the movie “ My Cousin Vinny” when they ordered grits for the first time with their breakfast.

German pancake

And when I am home, I am always ready to try new recipes, like the German pancake, that actually looks like a giant pastry. Super easy to make, and delicious. The most important fact about making them, is that you pour the batter in one dish and bake it. There is no waiting and pouring individual pancakes for hours. And that is one main reason this pancake is a great breakfast for big family get togethers, and easy to make for special days like Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

You will need:👩🏻‍🍳

  • 6 large eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • dash salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 5 Tablespoons butter

A 9X13 baking dish. Preheat the oven at 425°, bake for 27-30 minutes.

Please watch the video as I am preparing this beautiful pancake. I hope you enjoy baking this. Please don’t forget to leave comments and subscribe, I look forward to reading them. Don’t forget a dusting of powder sugar and good quality maple syrup.👍😋

Poached pears

Poached Bartlett pear with vanilla ice cream

In fall I love cooking apples and pears in some syrup for a side dish or dessert. They are beautiful, add a delicious scent to the house, and are good for us. This easy recipe that only takes a a few minutes to cook can stay in the refrigerator for a week and can be a sweet addition to a ham sandwich, great with peanut butter, and yummy with vanilla ice cream.

Peel 3 pears and 1 apple

Use a sauce pan add 1/2 cup of water

2Tsp of brown sugar

1 Tsp of cinnamon

Cook until pears are soft to fork

For step by step directions please watch our YouTube Chanel and I hope you subscribe and watch all our past and future videos.

Please leave your comments and your thoughts, I love to read them💕thank you🌞

Easy Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

I love to grill. Food just tastes better on the grill. My usual grilling ritual is chicken or beef and a good marinating recipe, with a side of everyones favorite vegetables or salads.

What you need for this chicken recipe is:

• 2 boneless breasts of chicken

• juice of 1 lemon, salt, black pepper

Usually baguettes or burger buns for the sandwich bread, and plenty of butter on both sides of the bread to keep the chicken moist, and delicious. Adding thinly sliced dill pickles for more flavor, and mustard.

The best thing about grilled chicken is that it can be served cold mixed in salad, or as a sandwich. It is healthy, flavorful and great for a quick lunch at work or at school.

For side vegetables: grilled corn on the cob, grilled tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers.

For side salad: green salad, avocado salad, or capressa salad.

To see more on preparing this delicious sandwich go to:

Dijon mustard

Vlasic pickles

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Learned a great lesson !

A bouquet of herbs from our porch garden

Quiet corners to relax

Everybody helped with this delicious mega nacho dish

I am sure we all have heard it, “everything in moderation” . There should be a balance with everything we do. Eat, exercise, social media, travel, and many other things we think of when treating ourselves. Too much of one thing, we are off balance.

Considering what our world is going through some activities are difficult to plan, when we are aware of the hardship, people around us are going through.

Call it guilt, but to feel happy and satisfied just doesn’t feel right. I believe we need balance in our world in order to enjoy a good movie, a good hardy laugh, or a great hug.

If there is one important lesson in this difficult time to learn, and later teach our children is to be happy with every small thing around us. Turning our home to our sanctuary, cooking a great meal with our family, plant some herbs, go for walks.

Face time, zoom, sharing photos is fine for now, they allow us to share our time at home with our friends, and family. We are staying in touch with our grandparents, help with home work, take flowers or herbs from our garden to neighbors & send thoughtful messages to our friends via email. It is our way to make others happy, and make our days special and productive.

We all must Stay positive, stay at home and healthy, until things are back to normal.

Santa Fe Indian Market

Santa Fe Plaza

Held on August 17&18 on the Plaza, it is one of the most interesting and family friendly places to visit.

The largest and the most prestigious Native American fine art show in the world, every year it attracts more than hundreds of artists-and more than 150,000 visitors. During the show artists display their hand made jewelry, sculptures, and paintings as tourists and locals enjoy the traditional Native American cuisine from the nearby market.

The most glamorous of all the events, the fine Art Gala & Auction gives visitors the chance to bid on some of the most unique pieces of the market. And during the market there is dance and music performances, even a Native American clothing Contest, where contestants model their finest traditional attire.

August is Santa Fe’s peak season and for good reason. Average high temperatures are in the mid-80s, with few afternoon showers and cooler nights.

We hope you get the chance to experience this beautiful city and enjoy its clear blue sky.



How to Create an Itinerary

Georgia O’Keeffe, yellow hickory leaves with daisy 

For us the most important aspect of traveling is having fun, creating memories & learning.

Let’s be honest, visiting the American girl store or a baseball game is not fun for everyone.

So we create a list based on everyone’s interests.

1- First the categories:






2- If we have to create certain groups, we start with a common interest list & break up & meet later for meals & snacks.

Important to note:

Before you plan on which restaurants to eat at, ask around or do some research. For example, most museums in Washington DC have the best restaurants & most diverse menu we have ever seen.

Be safe, be patient & have fun

Fragrant early Summer bloomers



Gardenia blooms

If you are living or visiting any southern cities this time of the year you can not miss the gardenia plants covered in their white fragrantful blossoms. Used by many as border plants when they are in full bloom you only see a full mound of pure white beautiful blooms with thick petals. To enjoy their flowers there are dwarf gardenia plants that can grow in a pot placed indoors or out .

When it comes to size the magnolia tree is jaw dropping gigantic. They can grow to seventy feet. This prehistoric tree with cereal bowl size blooms adds a gentle fragrant to the evening air.