Santa Fe Indian Market

Santa Fe Plaza

Held on August 17&18 on the Plaza, it is one of the most interesting and family friendly places to visit.

The largest and the most prestigious Native American fine art show in the world, every year it attracts more than hundreds of artists-and more than 150,000 visitors. During the show artists display their hand made jewelry, sculptures, and paintings as tourists and locals enjoy the traditional Native American cuisine from the nearby market.

The most glamorous of all the events, the fine Art Gala & Auction gives visitors the chance to bid on some of the most unique pieces of the market. And during the market there is dance and music performances, even a Native American clothing Contest, where contestants model their finest traditional attire.

August is Santa Fe’s peak season and for good reason. Average high temperatures are in the mid-80s, with few afternoon showers and cooler nights.

We hope you get the chance to experience this beautiful city and enjoy its clear blue sky.




Fun Beach & Pool Activities

It is fun & good for the entire family to stay active. There are so many fun games we can take to the beach & to the pool so we can enjoy the outdoors even more.

Don’t  forget the sunscreen 🏖

Classic beach paddle game

Coop Hydro Smash

Foam frisbee by Florida base co.

JA- RU flyer foam Frisbee


Water Ball for Skipping and Bouncing

Wave Runner, for pool & ocean

Classic Surfminton beach tennis


Easy to play flying disc

Activ Life


Kites for kids









Facts about Goats

They are playful, fun, and curious

They are cute, funny, give us delicious milk, and can clear a land in minutes.

Few facts about these adorable creatures.

1- they have many personality traits:

Loving, loyal and incredibly demanding. Sweet, hardworking and easy to train. Very social, curious, gentle, independent and intelligent animals. They will recognize your voice and respond to you, as well as announce any visitors around your property.

2- They need company, and that wouldn’t be a human.

3- They have a good appetite, and are very clean eaters. So a sufficient feed budget and the space to store it.

4- Goats are very active. They jump over and crawl under any fence, and they don’t like wet places. They will avoid getting wet by any means.

Like any pets, goats need attention. Need a large space to roam and need the company of other goats. They get along with other animals, and pets and are great with children. Before getting goats remember they have distinct personalities, so a study and research period is for your own benefit.