Preserve your books in your own unique way

How to create a cover for a book, so it would stay clean, new, and unique.

10 Great books on Architecture, Art, and Design.

If these days you find yourself with some extra time on your hand, check out these amazing books, to read or give as a gift.

I am always looking for art books with great photos, and I found several on this list. I came across these books on architectural digest. Hope you find one you like to own👍

10 Inspiring Coffee Table Books to Own

Keeping beautiful books close by is our main purpose for decorating every room with layers and stacks of books. Rare titles or the ones we have collected while traveling.

The Masterworks by: Bill Pryce


The gardens of Arne Maynard
Martha’s Flowers
Fashion climbing a memoir with photographs, Bill Cunningham


Velo City
Make Ink
Speed, Style, and Beauty. Card from RL collection
The World of Birds
A book for your meals and memories by: Jacques Pepin



Books & movies for Thanksgiving break

10 fat turkeys for 4-8 year olds
Sophie’s Squash, for 3-7 year olds
Miracle on 34th street (1947), rated PG
Christmas Carol, George C Scott as Scrooge related PG

Art books for children


Picture books for young children learning to read are the best way to learn about art. 

  • Books by Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? 
  • Leo Lionni’s A Color of his Own, a story of a chameleon and the colors he absorbs as he moves around

Other books :

1- Harold and the Purple Crayon

2- The Pencil

3- Bear Hunt ( story of a bear that draws his way out of trouble)

4- The Tunnel

5- A Walk in the Park 

For older children the more technical books:

1- 13 art skills children should know

2- Camille and the sunflowers 

3- The art book for children (1&2)

4- Draw Paint Print like the great artists

With art Children can find an expressive outlet. If they are having difficulties in other parts of the school curriculum their art becomes their chosen way to show their talent, and communicate their other hidden strengths.  For some children writing and verbalizing is not easy, and their art can become their way of communicating, offering ideas, and expressing their feelings.


Martha Stewart’s slow cooker


A new book by Martha Stewart is a collection of 110 recipes for the most favorite appliance in the kitchen. You might have guessed it! The slow cooker. This book has recepies for soups and stews. How to gently poach fish, cook up creamy scalloped potatoes, and bake a perfect cheesecake.

I know it might be too early? But this book can be a nice Christmas gift.