Early Spring Blooms indoors

Bring the blooms indoors

We can bring early spring indoors, by cutting a few branches of trees and shrubs, and have them bloom early indoors.

Here is what to look for:

Azalea, beauty bush, crab apple, flowering quince, magnolia, pussy willow, redbud , serviceberry, witch hazel, forsythia, rhododendron, spirea, and fruit trees : cherries, pears, and apples.

Rhododendron buds
Redbud, look for younger ones these are already ready to bloom
Rhododendron buds
Azalea blooms

If you can cut the branches in a warm day look for swollen, plump buds. Cut branches at an angle and be sure you cut them long enough to stand out in your container. To get water quickly to branches smashing the bottoms of your branches gently, will make it easier for the branches to take up water. For these young buds to go through the transition place your container away from sunlight, in a cool location.

Whitin 1 – 6 weeks you should see the buds swell and begin to open, and ready to be placed in sunlight.

Quince buds
Tulip tree buds



Bulbs To grow indoors


For indoor blooms, the easiest bulbs are:






How to plant the bulbs:

Use a shallow, wide pot that’s 4″ to 6″ deep. There should be at least 2″ below the bulbs for root growth. The very top of the bulbs can be even with the pot rim. Use a standard potting mix.

10 Inspiring Coffee Table Books to Own

Keeping beautiful books close by is our main purpose for decorating every room with layers and stacks of books. Rare titles or the ones we have collected while traveling.

The Masterworks by: Bill Pryce


The gardens of Arne Maynard
Martha’s Flowers
Fashion climbing a memoir with photographs, Bill Cunningham


Velo City
Make Ink
Speed, Style, and Beauty. Card from RL collection
The World of Birds
A book for your meals and memories by: Jacques Pepin



Fall and Pumpkins

This beautiful fruit got its name Pumpkin from the Greek word  “pepino” for “large melon.” and Native Americans called it “Isqoutm squash.” More than 40 varieties Pumpkins can come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. We love Fall not only for the cool temperatures, and beautiful foliage, but because once a year we can feast our eyes on baskets, buckets, and towers of pumpkins every where we go.🍁

French heirloom pumpkins
Crystal Star pumpkins
Jack O Lantern Pumpkins
Ornamental Gourds


Jack be little
Jack o lanterns in a clay planter

Places to be on Labor day Weekend?

Enjoying the last few days of summer

Here are 6 places to visit for fun, food and natural beauty this Labor Day weekend .

Iceland – Blue Lagoon

The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon is a five-star hotel opened in April. Built on an 800 year old lava flow, hotel guests have access to the main part of the Blue Lagoon,  which flows from the same wellspring of geothermal water and features secluded lava canyons.

Sonoma, California

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. This is the place for amazing dinners on sprawling vineyards, and winemaker hosted BBQ by talented local chefs.

Aspen, Colorado

This is the place with natural beauty, great music, and great food. Ajax Tavern’s 7th Annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival, on Sept 3 and Jazz Aspen Snowmass, a music festival with performances by Lionel Richie, Jack Johnson, and more.

Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Go for the gorgeous beaches, charming restaurants, and great hotels. While you are in town, be sure to check out the Ocean House’s Secret Champagne Garden.

Savannah, Georgia

Labor Day Beach Bash on Tybee Island will have live music and fireworks. Stop by the Savannah Craft Brew Fest and discover your favorite spirit while you take in the grand view of the skyline.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

The resort is just steps away from the beach, and a large pool. Perfect for a family getaway. Enjoy the sand and the last days of sun on your skin.

Labor Day always stands as the holiday that officialy ends the summer season. Be safe and have a wonderful weekend.

8 Scents that energize, and make us happy

Jasmine Sambac 

Scents are directly correlated with past experiences.  The smell of cookies baking, or the scent of fresh cut grass lead us to a quick trip back in time.

Some scents can do amazing things for our mind and body. They can be stress relievers, help with a bad headache, and get us to slow down and relax.

Be good to yourself, make a list of these wonderful scents and use them on daily bases to make your surroundings pleasant, and healthy.

Lavender = relaxing

For relaxation, lavender can help calm the mind and body and even help with insomnia.

Cinnamon = brain power

Peppermint = concentration 

Cinnamon, this sweet-smelling spice can boost your brain power, and attention span. And peppermint scent can invigorate your mind.

Pine = stress reliever

Jasmine = mood perk 

Pine scent can help with depression and stress.  No wonder we love our Christmas tree. Jasmine scent can create a sense of alertness, and elevate our mood.

Fresh cut grass = joyful ness

chemical released by a newly-mowed lawn can make us feel joyful and less stressed .

Citrus = boost energy & awarness

not just a super fruit because it is a great source of vitamin C, but a sniff of lemon or an orange can wake up your brain cells.

Apples = headache reliever 

the smell of the crisp fruit may actually help ease a migraine, and help with feelings of anxiety.