Need a place to write🤔

I have been trying to create a quiet corner to write & read, but I constantly got distracted. The fact that I get pulled to many directions, and not the one I wanted to go, was finally too much. So a cloudy cold day pushed me to stop, plan, and take action. 🤣

It is one of my most favorite hobbies around the house, to refigure a room, and move all the furniture around. The fact that we are all stuck under one roof 24/7 had made it even more urgent to create corners, and spaces in my house to help everyone enjoy privacy and quiet spaces. The need to think, work, and work on school projects was urgent. The goal of this project was to be peaceful in a space at home without getting interrupted, and yes making this space look good too. To start my writing and thinking space I chose my bedroom, and a view by the window. Pulled a round table from another room, which opened more space for running around for my child when off zoom, and pulled a lamp from my guest room.

Let me tell you I am very happy with how it all came together, and having a place with all my favorite journals and writing notes just makes me happy, and at peace. You can watch me putting together my peaceful space step by step. Just go to our YouTube channel or click on the link.

I hope you already have a quiet, peaceful place to catch your breath, and enjoy a moment thinking, and writing, and reading 😌

Saving money starting in September👍


Every year as sept comes around we start moving things around in our house. Tidying organizing replacing a few pieces of furniture trying to  give our home a fresh look.

We are not alone, since the holiday season is just around the corner and families visit and entertain more during this time of the year we also tend to do more around the house.

With the end of the year closing, in this is a good time to purchase broadway tickets ( less tourism  demand ) furniture such as TVs, mattresses, patio furniture, & cars. Anything that is not in sync with fast changing technology will see a price reduction.

So if you are the non procrastinator and can keep a secret, go shopping early for the holiday season. You can score a lot of points with a new car under the tree👍😆

We got Creative with our house plants

Hand made lantern from New Mexico


Outdoor lantern

To show off  our indoor plants at their best we are getting creative with how we place them around the house or in the office.

We used crystal bowls, baskets, buckets in metal, ceramic, plastic, and even clay lanterns. For times we have company and forgotten to buy cut flowers we bring in our flowering pots, even the herbs indoors & give our rustic pots a make over. It is fun you should try it.🌿


Handmade  pottery



Today we Celebrate small businesses

They are the backbone of our small communities & need our support to survive. Small Business Saturday was added to the Thanksgiving week calendar 9 years ago to bring millions of customers in busiest shopping weekend into the small and local businesses.

53587120-E3C8-49D9-8F67-D9EA9CB9355A , Stationary, gifts, home office furnishing

5EBCCDBB-A261-4F66-9A9B-0BFDBF3E0C53 , Home furnishing, gifts for everyone

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Adding color, and designs with Washi tapes


See the collection

Washi tapes popular for scrapbooking projects, and DIY projects. Cover up just about anything to make it colorful and beautiful. You can even write on it.

Available in many designs and colors Washi tapes are fun to have on hand to add your own style to any project. Add borders to pictures, cover keyboards, turn a plain vase to a colorful accent piece. Infinite possibilities, to get creative.

Washi tapes collection   

The new wallpaper

Graham & Brown

Why does it look so good ? The idea is old, but it somehow looks different. Is it because we are tired of the grays and the neutrals, or is it because we have a billion choices and much easier way to put up and strip away a wall paper?

Literary in minutes we can change a room with covering one wall in colors, patterns, and textures.

We don’t have to use wallpaper to just cover walls. We can cover a door, shelves in the pantry, create a window border, cover a bench, lamp shades, even stairs.

Our wallpaper choices begin with:

Prepasted, Nonpasted, or Self-adhesive paper.

Big or small as far as color & pattern:

Depends on what you already have in the room, and the size of the furniture. To make a room seem larger and still cozy, go with light colors. To make a bold statement and add a bit of drama, go with bold color.

What is in?

1- large florals in colors like fuchsia, orange and citron

2- graphic patterns

3- texture and embossed wallpapers

4- abstract

5- large black and white patterns

6- water color prints

7- metallics and metallic accents

Or just follow the simple rule, go with what you like.

Zardozi Wallpaper

Murals Wallpaper, Safari

8 Accent pieces that also serve as storage

These beautiful accent pieces add color and serve as storage, planter or an organizing tool.

Nest Casa Orange Muscari Basket

Irwin Ribera Blue Combo

Accent Decor Yaya baskets

Cb2 Natural rattan planter baskets

Accent Decor Pom Puff baskets

West elm graphic woven basket


Pottery barn Hayes Leather Storage Baskets

Nest Casa Cannolo Cut Light Gray magazine holder

Hay needle Braided baskets


Smartphone Bracelet Chargers

Smart phone Bracelet chargers, are accessible, and easy on the eye. These chargers are fashionable, and portable.

They also make a good gift.

iPhone charging bracelet by: Fizzm $360

Mark and Graham $149
iPhone charging bracelet by: Mark and Graham $149

Cabelet by: Kyte and Kay $69.99

EPtram charging bracelets
For Apple IPhone by: Epteam $7.99