Do I still buy my Chanel Rouge Coco?💄😷

With high unemployment and the fear of recession in the horizon, we are more aware of each item on the shopping list and purchasing any luxury item is postponed for later time in the future.

As consumers any somber news about our economy directly effects our plans for purchasing a house,a new car, or our future plans to travel.

When we faced the 2008 recession, our economy suffered record declines in sales, except for the cosmetic industry that enjoyed a 5.3% rise.

The truth is when we know spending our money on luxury items during a recession is a mistake, we turn to small luxury items that immediately help us feel, and look our best. Holding a shinny lipstick in the palm of our hand, puts a smile on our face, and a beautiful shade on our lips.

Now that we are facing another recession, because of covid-19 keeping ourselves and our love ones healthy is our main concern. Wearing a mask to stop transmission of the virus is necessary and most businesses require wearing it. This worries me, since our chance of enjoying the purchase of lipstick now becomes senseless!

Just a few days ago before leaving my car to head to the grocery store as usual I checked my make up and put on some lipstick, and right after that I pulled my mask over my mouth. Just then I realized who is going to see my face & notice my new shade of rouge coco on my masked face ?

Don’t get me wrong wearing makeup is my choice, since I like to feel looking my best at any time, but to realize wearing makeup is not necessary when out and about is depressing.

What else masks are hiding ? Smiles!!! Again as I was busy with my stressing to keep distancing and going the right direction in the grocery aisle, I was smiling to fellow shoppers and employees, but soon realized my smile was masked and my voice was muffled.

We should wear masks to keep everyone safe, but we seriously need to come up with a hand signal to tell others we are sending them a smile!!🖖

What do you think ??

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Saving money starting in September👍


Every year as sept comes around we start moving things around in our house. Tidying organizing replacing a few pieces of furniture trying to  give our home a fresh look.

We are not alone, since the holiday season is just around the corner and families visit and entertain more during this time of the year we also tend to do more around the house.

With the end of the year closing, in this is a good time to purchase broadway tickets ( less tourism  demand ) furniture such as TVs, mattresses, patio furniture, & cars. Anything that is not in sync with fast changing technology will see a price reduction.

So if you are the non procrastinator and can keep a secret, go shopping early for the holiday season. You can score a lot of points with a new car under the tree👍😆

Get your Free 🍩🍩🍩Donut

Lavender Bluberry donuts

Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, LaMar’s Donuts, Duck Donuts, and many other shops and convenience stores are giving away free doughnuts on June 1 to celebrate National Donut Day 2018.

Why? to celebrate :

First Friday of June of each year, succeeding the Doughnut event created by Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to honor their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during WW1.


Today is Small Business Saturday

5 great facts for small business owners:

1- Personal touch

Personally invite customers into your store. Use your email list to contact your customers, and When they do come in, thank them personally.

2- Rewards

Perks such as money off future purchases or exclusive events can often make the difference between whether a consumer shops with you or a competitor.

3- Curb side appeal,

And an attractive window display. You could put out a sandwich board that welcomes people with a witty message. And use holiday display, and lights to dress up the windows .

4- Two powerful facts about the atmosphere of your retail space are the customer’s olfactory and auditory experiences. Scent generators are useful in creating a pleasant shopping experience. Music matters, too. Classical music typically results in higher spends, and slower tempo music slows shoppers down and actually increases the amount of time they spend in a store.

5- Find a way to connect with your employees.

If you make your employees feel good, they’ll transfer that feeling to your shoppers and happy shoppers buy more and that makes your day.

Have a great Day

Who wouldn’t come in