Today is Small Business Saturday

5 great facts for small business owners:

1- Personal touch

Personally invite customers into your store. Use your email list to contact your customers, and When they do come in, thank them personally.

2- Rewards

Perks such as money off future purchases or exclusive events can often make the difference between whether a consumer shops with you or a competitor.

3- Curb side appeal,

And an attractive window display. You could put out a sandwich board that welcomes people with a witty message. And use holiday display, and lights to dress up the windows .

4- Two powerful facts about the atmosphere of your retail space are the customer’s olfactory and auditory experiences. Scent generators are useful in creating a pleasant shopping experience. Music matters, too. Classical music typically results in higher spends, and slower tempo music slows shoppers down and actually increases the amount of time they spend in a store.

5- Find a way to connect with your employees.

If you make your employees feel good, they’ll transfer that feeling to your shoppers and happy shoppers buy more and that makes your day.

Have a great Day

Who wouldn’t come in


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