Medicine cabinet checklist

Items for medicine cabinet
Band Aid, Vaseline ,Benadryl ,Neosporine, Visine, Sunscreen

17 items necessary in your medicine:

1-Adhesive tape
2-Allergy eye drops
3-Antibacterial ointment, for minor cuts and burns
4-Anti-diarrhea medication
5-Acetaminophen and ibuprofen, for fever reduction and pain relief
6-Bandages in a variety of sizes
7-Benadryl, for allergic reactions
8-Calamine lotion, for minor skin      irritations
9-Cotton balls and swabs
10-Disinfectant and alcohol wipes, for cuts and scrapes

10-Gauze pads in a variety of sizes
11-Hydrocortisone cream, for insect bites and stings
12-Hydrogen peroxide, for minor cuts and scrapes
13-Insect repellent

14-Petroleum jelly, for minor burns and abrasions
16-Thermometer, for taking temperature
17-Tweezers, for removing splinters or ticks (sterilize before use)


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