Spring & Summer makeup colors

Dewy skin and shimmering eyes can sum up the make up trend for spring & summer this year.


Glitter for eyes,

This year Glitter, in different forms, was used by make-up artists to make eyes to pop out while keeping skin as bare and clean as possible. For a dramatic night out black smoky shadows and heaps of glitter. For day time black cat eye and just a touch of color underneath.
To get this look just add a little line of color underneath the tail and you’re done. Extend your liner with baby blue, lilac, chartreuse, lavender, pale pink, and peach.

Chanel Healthy glow eyeshadow

Fresh glowing complexion,

Rose-gold across eyes and cheeks for a
color coordinated beauty look. Soft peach eyes and petal-pink lipstick can be the morning to afternoon look, and is easy to reapply.

Fenty highlighter for all over glow
Neutrogena moisture smooth color stick



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