A parent’s 1st day of school resolution

1st day of school

Parent to parent conversation:

Speaking as a parent we found ourselves telling our children start this year with power and strength.

Open mind for the new teachers new materials, new classmates. Then it downed on us, that we feel the same way as a mom and a dad, a new school year should be the start of a new attitude right along with our children.

We had an amazing, fun summer. We had the chance to hear more stories about friends at school. Who is still fun to be around and who has left the circle of friendship. At least for now!!

Do your best everyday, work on what you are best, were the words we used as we ate together and spend the last summer days Together. 

We know schedules take over our lives. Sports, music classes, field trips, and projects, but our promise to be there, but not to overwhelm, quietly listen and not to teach or judge is our promise. Have a good heart and an open mind is our resolution for the new school year.

This morning, “we love you very much” were the words we chose to leave them with for their first day of school.❤️

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