Vacationing with our family


We call a vacation successful when everyone from the youngest to the more mature admit they had a great time. When your family is still young decision making is much easier. Where to go, when to eat, what to do for fun, are all planned by mom and dad.

But as everyone gets older, not only what is fun becomes a personal issue for each member of the family, when to eat, what to eat, where to go, they are become moments of  let’s have a family meeting.

For now we call a vacation successful when we arrive and leave with no surprises, we make no trips to the urgent care, and moments of small meaningful conversations with our family easily happen without planning.

Walks on the beach, to collect shells has always been a fun activity. Through the years we have collected many from every trip to a beach. Every summer we bring them all together on a large platter. As we line them up next to each other we are always surprise the memories they hold for all of us. We talk about who and where we found them, remembering how excited we were finding a perfect one.

Remembering a very successful vacation. 👍🌼😊






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