A lovely garden begins with your pots

It is not just for holding your flowering plants or herbs, for me a flower pot also needs to stand beautiful by itself in my garden.

When in full bloom I bring the smaller pots in to add color to our family room, and most often they are the main object of my photos a hobby I enjoy.

I have flower pots that are more than 10 years old, and every now and then I purchase one for a special place, a corner or a spot on the porch and the garden.

I choose them by color, size, and always stay in the same color scheme, and yes I do love hanging baskets even though they need to be maintained more, since birds and squirrels enjoy pulling their liners and love to swing from them.


Hanging Flower pots on the yard fence

Marigolds in clay pots

Two winters ago the confederate jasmine that cascaded over the wooden fence couldn’t take the freeze and died away. This spring we are filling the open space with an old piece of wrought iron gate and flower pots.

This was an easy project, just used five small pots, potting mix, vine rope and marigolds.

Wrapped the rope twice made a loop and attached it to the fence.
Filled the pot with potting mix and added the marigold and added more mix.

When watering we found out holding the pots up helps water to flow all the way to the bottom of the pot.