Enjoying Spring🌷

It is still spring, and most of us up to now have enjoyed pleasant weather.

This weekend we are worried about tornadoes and severe rain, but having to stay home & staying in touch with the news & being more aware, hopefully more of us will spend this weekend in the safety of our homes. Easter celebrations was less entertaining & more of a reminder of how much the world around us has come to a slow crawl.

Heavy rain kept us inside, so we didn’t see the Easter bunny. But the sweet bunny left us a beautiful basket filled with everyone’s favorite candy. Our lunch with the family and grandparents was less formal, and we had everyone on face time instead of having everyone over at our house for Easter celebrations.

We managed to take more photos of spring blooms, before they are blown away by heavy rain, and know next year our photos will have our grandparents with us, eating, laughing, and sitting next to each other.🌞

Pictures of Early Spring Blooms

Sharing a few signs of early spring.

When temperatures drop below the freezing point of water (32° F or 0° C) water inside a plant freezes, it can cause the plant cells to burst, resulting in irreparable damage. For us to protect these early buds, covering them with towels and sheets when the sun goes down has become a routine. You can also use an inverted bucket, a flower pot, or a layer of mulch.

Red bud Tree