Your Own Style ğŸ˜Ž


I pay attention to details, and respect any one that takes the time to create details in anything and everything. Small accent pieces in decorating, small plants tucked in large flower pots for color and texture, small images of birds, and trees in a painting, and small accessories added to the everyday wardrobe.

I contribute the importance of details, to the fact that they create a distinct look, a look apart from all the other homogenized, and pre packaged things! Details create a unique style, a unique look, created by subtle difference that we can call our own style.

To think of adding details such as accessories to everyday wardrobe is not a difficult task, but adding a belt, a scarf, a pair of gloves might require, a very organized closet, more time to plan, and more time to get dressed. The final look when all put together, ready for the day, is a unique style created by unique style by adding accessories for more color, layers, and texture.

I have put together a video on different stylish, and practical ways we can add scarfs to our everyday wardrobe. I hope you enjoy the video, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you so much☺️

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are placed in the middle of a room where we usually serve drinks, place our magazines, and sometimes rest our feet, and they can dramatically change the style of a room.

Here are some of our favorites:

West elm Enzo coffee table

CB2 Cuff Hammered Gold coffee table

1stibs Modern Nickle Plated coffee table

1stdibs Carlo Mollino Style Italian coffee table

1stdibs Danish Teak coffe table
1stdibs Danish Teak coffe table

Potterybarn Leona Round coffee table
Potterybarn Leona Round coffee table

Potterybarn Leona Round coffee table
Houzz Drum shaped Vintage coffee table

Front gate Ava Floating coffee table
Front gate Ava Floating coffee table







Maximalist or a Minimalist ?

IMG_7747It all depends on what you like to surround yourself with…

A room that holds collections of life’s precious objects can be a maximalist dream. Patterns, bold colors, and art works in variety of sizes with book shelves filled with books. Colorful accents, and accessories on all surfaces.

If you rather have no clutter, clean defined lines, and curves, neutral patterns, and neutral colors such as, grays, and pastels you absolutely are a minimalist .
Yve Saint Laurent’s Paris apartment is a great maximalist room.