Time to say Thank You to all our Teachers

A special card for the best teacher ever

We know we should say thank you all through the year, but a nice gift at the end of the school year is memorable.

Two of our favorites that in previous years made our teachers happy and teary eyes were,

1- A framed picture

For that special coach, or music teacher. Or the science teacher that coordinates the most awesome  field trips, we framed a picture showing them in action with class or with our special student.

2- A gift card

We paid attention during the year to what our teachers do on their time off or what their hobbies are. A gift card from a favorite restaurant or a camping store has always been a thoughtful gift.


We include a card and have our student to write a special note to each teacher about their favorite event or story from their class. Something they have learned, and will always remember about their teacher.




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