Gifts for graduates 🎓

A thoughtful graduation gift, Pelikan Fountain Pen

So many ideas for graduates from early learning to college, and to mark this memorable day, offering them a thoughtful gift is a good idea.

A gift giving guide:

1- Many schools have graduation ceremonies for little ones starting first grade or graduating from early learning to middle learning. For this group of young scholars asking their parents for gift ideas is the safest step.

2- For our highly enthusiastic high school graduates, excited for a new life, most often in a new city, away from parents :

Gift cards are the most popular and useful which provide a freedom of choice of its own.

3- For college graduates that come in every size and age:

Gift cards are still a good idea, but we can personalize it by offering help with furnishing a new home, helping with professional attire, or helping with expenses to a rejuvenating vacation getaway, before they step into their professional life.



Time to say Thank You to all our Teachers

A special card for the best teacher ever

We know we should say thank you all through the year, but a nice gift at the end of the school year is memorable.

Two of our favorites that in previous years made our teachers happy and teary eyes were,

1- A framed picture

For that special coach, or music teacher. Or the science teacher that coordinates the most awesome  field trips, we framed a picture showing them in action with class or with our special student.

2- A gift card

We paid attention during the year to what our teachers do on their time off or what their hobbies are. A gift card from a favorite restaurant or a camping store has always been a thoughtful gift.


We include a card and have our student to write a special note to each teacher about their favorite event or story from their class. Something they have learned, and will always remember about their teacher.