Pre game & practice Snacks


Three hours before a game or practice snacks like breads, cereals, pasta, fruits, grains, juices, yogurt, milk and sports drinks fuel the muscles and are good to eat . Before a game or practice children should eat mainly carbs.

Stay away from fatty food. It’s best to save burgers, fries or chicken strips for after the game, since Proteins and fats can make your child feel lethargic. 

List of yummy snacks per game or practice:

1- yogurt drinks 

2- banana & peanut butter ( if no one had peanut allergies)

3- fruits : grapes, bananas, apples ( apples are mess free)

4-  sport drinks ( hot temp)

5- cereal 

6- pasta ( cold salad )

7- bread ( we like breakfast breads loaded with cranberries , dates, raisins)

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