Facts about Goats

They are playful, fun, and curious

They are cute, funny, give us delicious milk, and can clear a land in minutes.

Few facts about these adorable creatures.

1- they have many personality traits:

Loving, loyal and incredibly demanding. Sweet, hardworking and easy to train. Very social, curious, gentle, independent and intelligent animals. They will recognize your voice and respond to you, as well as announce any visitors around your property.

2- They need company, and that wouldn’t be a human.

3- They have a good appetite, and are very clean eaters. So a sufficient feed budget and the space to store it.

4- Goats are very active. They jump over and crawl under any fence, and they don’t like wet places. They will avoid getting wet by any means.

Like any pets, goats need attention. Need a large space to roam and need the company of other goats. They get along with other animals, and pets and are great with children. Before getting goats remember they have distinct personalities, so a study and research period is for your own benefit.





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