This is the year of no clutter


We are aiming for a year of super organize, discipline, and well informed .

These are the reasons why:

It is a fact that less clutter in our living and work space will help with,

1- Lowering stress, we start feeling like we can breath better

2- Creating a safer home, less chance of bumping into things

3- Spreading less germs, easier to clean thoroughly

4- Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms (less dust ..)

5- Lowering anxiety, easier to find things

6- Discouraging insects to stay around, with more space we do better job of cleaning

7- less junk food purchase when we keep an organized kitchen

8- Less clutter, more open space, in the closet, kitchen, and bathrooms

9- Easier time to clean

10- Less chance of wasting money on things we don’t need

Plan on :

Each day for few minutes put things away before leaving the house. It will help to stay organize, and less chance of starting the clutter habit. Start the mind set of, getting things done.

Keep in mind if we purchase something new, it is time to give away something you have not looked at for a while.





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