Decorating for spring🌻🐝

Thinking🌸 spring colors💕

By March I am ready to open the windows, and start planting. But almost every year, I have to wait till the end of May for airing our house and walking into my garden. I have learned my lessen, fooled with few days of mild temperatures and pure sunshine in mid March, just to end up pulling sweaters out of drawers, and covering my new plants with bed sheets.🥺

For now to ease the itch for spring weather, I surround myself with potted daffodils, tulips, and colors of spring. Accent pieces in pinks, blues, glass and crystal, looking ahead to a gorgeous spring🌻🐝

Keeping my eyes wide open for the cherry trees and redbud trees to burst in color. Any day now!!! (fingers crossed😆)

Pictures of Early Spring Blooms

Sharing a few signs of early spring.

When temperatures drop below the freezing point of water (32° F or 0° C) water inside a plant freezes, it can cause the plant cells to burst, resulting in irreparable damage. For us to protect these early buds, covering them with towels and sheets when the sun goes down has become a routine. You can also use an inverted bucket, a flower pot, or a layer of mulch.

Red bud Tree