Steps to take when your purse or wallet are stolen🙁

Our car was broken into & of course the only item gone was the purse. So for the past two days we have been busy getting a driver license, credit cards, insurance cards, and taking the right steps to secure our identity.

our very first steps were:

Step 1- canceling credit cards

Step 2- calling the police so they can issue a report

Step 3- calling the US post office to alert them in case anyone tries to change our  address.

Step 4- placing a security alert on our identity by calling:

Xperion 1-888-397-3742

They also alert Equifax & Transunion

(If you think your identity is stolen call    1-877-438-4338)

Thieves are extremely knowledgeable these days and go to extreme measures to use your credit cards. While talking to the police officer we received a call from the purse thief, disguised as someone from our credit card co.

The person on the line told us our credit cards were being used and wanted to make sure the activity was normal, and if not he could cancel the cards & asked for our pin #.

Doubting the caller ( since we knew our cards were cancelled promptly ) and Knowing we should never give out our pin# we ended the call.

Next day we called the credit card fraud line and shared our story with them.

There are tracking devices that can locate lost keys or lost luggage in another state.  From the time we left our car with no purse on our shoulder, it took the thief less than ten minutes to break the car window grab the purse that was hidden away & disappear. If we had a tracking device in the purse the police would have been able to locate our stolen property.

With new GPS tools it would be possible to track a stolen purse or a wallet.

Trakdot, Waldo and Tile Slim available for  tracking a lost luggage or a wallet are already in the market and the cost is somewhere from $30-$50.

Maybe investing in one would be a good idea.👍


How to be prepared for the cold temperatures

Be prepared when you are walking or driving in frigid temperatures.

If walking dress in 3 layers.

-The layer close to skin should be a high performance material. Never cotton in winter, since cotton stays  wet when we sweat, and that will cause our body temperature to drop.
-2nd layer, wool or even fleece. Wool will keep it’s warmth even if it gets wet.
-3rd layer should a wind breaker.
Always cover your head, and pull a thin layer over your mouth & nose to heat the air you are breathing in. Gloves to keep hands warm.

In case you have to drive,
Always carry a blanket extra hats, and gloves in your car.
Keep an emergency supply kit a fully charged mobile phone, charger, spare batteries, sleeping bags, extra food and water.
Make sure family members and friends know your plans.

AAA road emergency kit