How to be prepared for the cold temperatures

Be prepared when you are walking or driving in frigid temperatures.

If walking dress in 3 layers.

-The layer close to skin should be a high performance material. Never cotton in winter, since cotton stays  wet when we sweat, and that will cause our body temperature to drop.
-2nd layer, wool or even fleece. Wool will keep it’s warmth even if it gets wet.
-3rd layer should a wind breaker.
Always cover your head, and pull a thin layer over your mouth & nose to heat the air you are breathing in. Gloves to keep hands warm.

In case you have to drive,
Always carry a blanket extra hats, and gloves in your car.
Keep an emergency supply kit a fully charged mobile phone, charger, spare batteries, sleeping bags, extra food and water.
Make sure family members and friends know your plans.

AAA road emergency kit


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