Doing chores for a peace of mind


Some days no matter how organized we are can turn out to be stressful. Planning, summer activities, play dates, healthy menu for meals, snacks, work schedule, family time, just too much to be aware of and in control to accomplish.

Small chores around the house based on research are healthy for our mind, by helping us to create a peaceful moment for ourselves during the day.

chores like:

-Organizing a small closet


-washing dishes


-deweeding a garden

-cleaning our bedroom


it is the sense of being in the moment and  accomplishing a task that helps us separate ourselves from what is planned for the day, and satisfying when seeing the immediate results of our work.

It is a wonderful opportunity to be present, and aware, as opposed to being distracted, stressed or overwhelmed. It gives us  an opportunity to get back in touch with being happy doing something small.


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