Today we Celebrate small businesses

They are the backbone of our small communities & need our support to survive. Small Business Saturday was added to the Thanksgiving week calendar 9 years ago to bring millions of customers in busiest shopping weekend into the small and local businesses.

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Adding color, and designs with Washi tapes


See the collection

Washi tapes popular for scrapbooking projects, and DIY projects. Cover up just about anything to make it colorful and beautiful. You can even write on it.

Available in many designs and colors Washi tapes are fun to have on hand to add your own style to any project. Add borders to pictures, cover keyboards, turn a plain vase to a colorful accent piece. Infinite possibilities, to get creative.

Washi tapes collection   

The Cover Less Notebook

MD diary

The Midori ( MD ) notebook has no cover. “Covers make a notebook more difficult to open, or cause wobbling. To stop these things from interfering with your writing comfort, the MD Notebook has no cover.”

The MIDORI brand from Japan creates paper products, including letters, greeting cards, colored papers and stickers.

Midori designs makes the everyday use products unique, and timeless.

Midori case ( pencils, pens..)
Midori eraser shavings sweeper

Smart 2018 Home Trends

These key words simplify this year’s home trends.




It starts with furniture and accent pieces that double as storage. Pieces that have design, and serve a purpose.

Stone, copper, concrete, granite, are natural materials that create an organic environment, and help bring a natural, peaceful, relaxing surroundings. And in fabrics, velvet with its soft texture is perfect in creating the cozy setting.

Lets not forget plants, naturally they are an important part of the organic movement in adding color, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Rich colors are the favorites of 2018.
Red, Pink, yellows, and greens.

Metal used for Hardware, and Trims, is Brass
Brass is a warm and easy to combine with many palettes, and a great alternative to the popular steel accents of  previous years.

In kids rooms

Bunk beds are taking the place of tepees. With storage and study area below and build into the structure.

Creating a place to relax
A resort, or spa interiors is the purpose of feeling safe, to relax, an environment suitable for meditating. Emphasizing on colors, rattan, warm materials like wood, natural fibers.

The final goal: Trust what you like
Surround yourself with things that bring you joy.






Mobile Shelves To inspire you

Place these shelves any place you desire, and move them again for a different purpose.

We are calling them Mobile shelves. They can hang on a wire wall such as Elfa or can be nailed to any wall surface, some can even stand in an existing shelf or sit in a corner of a room.


We found these wooden ones at World Market.


Anything is possible with these Clip note boards

It is so easy to place these clip message boards any where, and use them for decorating. We found them in evey size and color, and material. Put them up to cover an open space on a wall, or even inside a walk in pantry. We found them at potterybarn, Michaels, Wayfair, Target, and Houzz.

Based on the size of the clips, you can display small picture frames, glass vases, and for Fall bunches of dry flowers.

Or best idea ever, display your child’s art work.

Small frames
Small frames and art work


Light up a room

Light fixtures are practical, and can be an accent piece.
Table lamps, and free standing lamps are the easiest, since there is no need to pre wire your room. For high traffic rooms where kids might do their homework or other projects ceiling lights are the most practical. Table lamps, and free standing ones are better for bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Brass table lamp
Brass table lamp
Brass floor lamp
Brass floor lamp