How to have a healthy summer skin




With warmer weather comes less clothes, and more skin exposed to sun.

not only we should think of protecting our skin, but also helping it look better for no shirt days, and sandals.

You can get a sunburn when it’s cloudy, cold outside or swimming Under water. It’s also possible to get burned . UV rays can even penetrate glass. Using sunscreen is a must & even shirts & hats that have UV protection.

Following a routine to get ourselves ready for warmer weather can be easy & fun.

Get your feet ready:

Before moisturizing your feet get the dead skin off by using:

Pumice stone

Oatmeal scrub

Epsom salt soak

Vinegar soak

Baking soda soak

Lemon water soak

Keep moisturizing

To prevent dry skin use baby oil or petroleum jelly regularly. A great natural way to moisturize feet after a bath or a shower. Wear socks to keep them moisturized.


2018 Summer Sandals

If your weather permits you to show any skin? Here are some beautiful, comfortable, and maybe practical summer sandals.

Bottega Veneta, botanical print Mary Jane

Acne Studios, Gamaal, for men

Rivieras, Classic for men mesh slip on Espadrilles

Calvin Klein, Core lifestyle logo wrap

Isabel Marant,, Johen canvas sandals

Birkenstock, Kano for men

Acne Studios, Jesse Pink Sandals


Mephisto, Sam sandals for men