Smart grocery shopping

Fruits & vegetables we can peel, organic produce

These days adding a new item to the grocery list means wasting time reading lines & lines of ingredients, and translating the bold writings on the packaging.

Some lables are simply meaningless. Make a mental note of what to ignore and what to look for.

Natural , doesn’t mean anything anymore,

Superfood, is being over used,

Farm fresh, another meaning less word, since if you live in the east coast & your fruits & vegtables have arrived from the west coast be sure they were packed before had the chance to ripe.

Two Things we should defenitly pay attention to :

1- FDA requires labels to mention added sugar, we shouldn’t consume more than 24g per day.

2- look for foods with less than 20 percent daily value of sodium and saturated fat, and less than 10 grams of added sugar.

Our options 

-G.M.O. vs. Non-G.M.O.

Genetically modified organisms, are not necessarily bad. But if you are scared of the term look for heirloom vegetables and  heirloom meat.

-Should we buy all organic?

It is more expensive to buy everything organic, we can look for meat raised without using antibiotics or hormones, and organic berries. When it comes to fruits & vegetables if we can wash and peel them we can buy the non organic ones.

-whole or minimally processed foods.

Processing reduces fiber minerals like potassium and vitamins like vitamin however, healthy foods like frozen vegetables, dried fruit, canned beans and whole-wheat bread, are labeled as process food but they are not lacking vitamins or minerals.

We hope this helps you enjoy and save some time grocery shopping.






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