Sun & shade plants

Finally a nice steady rain gave our yard & planters a refreshing break.




8 Scents that energize, and make us happy

Jasmine Sambac 

Scents are directly correlated with past experiences.  The smell of cookies baking, or the scent of fresh cut grass lead us to a quick trip back in time.

Some scents can do amazing things for our mind and body. They can be stress relievers, help with a bad headache, and get us to slow down and relax.

Be good to yourself, make a list of these wonderful scents and use them on daily bases to make your surroundings pleasant, and healthy.

Lavender = relaxing

For relaxation, lavender can help calm the mind and body and even help with insomnia.

Cinnamon = brain power

Peppermint = concentration 

Cinnamon, this sweet-smelling spice can boost your brain power, and attention span. And peppermint scent can invigorate your mind.

Pine = stress reliever

Jasmine = mood perk 

Pine scent can help with depression and stress.  No wonder we love our Christmas tree. Jasmine scent can create a sense of alertness, and elevate our mood.

Fresh cut grass = joyful ness

chemical released by a newly-mowed lawn can make us feel joyful and less stressed .

Citrus = boost energy & awarness

not just a super fruit because it is a great source of vitamin C, but a sniff of lemon or an orange can wake up your brain cells.

Apples = headache reliever 

the smell of the crisp fruit may actually help ease a migraine, and help with feelings of anxiety.