Peaches make Summer bearable­čśÄ

Peach cobbler with whipped cream

Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite things on my to do list. But every now and then, it turns out to be a lovely experience.

A few days ago when I was running through isles to pick up some vegetables, I froze when the wonderful sweet smell of peaches hit my senses. To be honest, these are the small things that make summer bearable. Sweet peaches, juicy watermelons, popsicles, grilled corn on the cob, and summer gardening. Yes, they are mostly food related, but any thing else involving the outdoors means facing the heat.

Going back to the sweet peaches, I planned on baking a peach cobbler, a bowl of fruit salad for a cool dessert, grill them as a side dish, and for breakfast mix it with yogurt.

Enjoy the peaches this summer.­čŹĹ

Peach cobbler

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Corn starch

Baking dish

Easy delicious peach cobbler



We love peaches, and baking a peach cobbler is one of the delicious ways to eat them. Peaches are high in fiber, and antioxidants. Peaches might help fight diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We used this easy recipe with the help of our young chef who loves to cook when it is too hot to play outside.

4 cups of sliced peaches
1 c sugar
2 tsp cornstarch
1 tsp vanilla extract
place all in a bowl
On top of the crust:
1  pkg refrigerated organic Pie crust
1/4 c sugar
2 tsp cinnamon 
1/8 tsp nutmeg
3/4 stick butter sliced 
bake at 400┬░
Yummy & so easy to make ready in about 30 minutes or top is golden.




Have a Peach

Peeled peaches, we had to get the skin off for our little eaters.

Loaded with nutrition peaches are great as a snack or an addition to :

1- cottage cheese

2-  salad

3- hot or cold cereal

4- in peanut butter sandwich

5- in yogurt

One large peach, has just 68 calories and no fat. Eating peaches instead of more processed snacks, such as chips, baked goods, cereal bars and cookies, can help you manage your weight. Peaches are naturally sweet, no corn syrup so it can replace some of the added sugars in your diet.

Loaded with antioxidants in the flesh and skin of peaches. One of the major antioxidants in peaches, chlorogenic acid, helps flush out free radicals compounds that your body stores through exposure to pollutants from food and the environment. It also reduces the effects of aging and chronic diseases. This antioxidant may also keep you safe from cancer, provides eye health, and reduces body inflammation.



Breakfast = Thinking better and performing better

We are skipping breakfast, and mostly ending up with a cup of coffee before starting our day.

Eating  breakfast balances and replenishes our blood sugar in the morning, which helps our muscles and brain to work better.

Yogurt peanut butter on toast with peaches breakfast
Simple and easy to prepare breakfast. Yogurt with drizzle of honey, toast peanut butter topped with slices of peaches.