Eating healthy while traveling

Fruits for snacking

Fresh snacks 

Stop at a grocery store and pick up fruits, bagged carrots, nuts,hummus. For lunch take advantage of their salad bar.

Eat frequently and small amounts, so pack snacks. Eating small amounts of healthy food throughout the day keeps your mind sharp.

Protein with essential amino acid: eggs, chicken beef….

Drink water

Yes – that means stopping  for a restroom, choose a place to stop so you can stretch your legs, let the kids out for few minutes, and get some fresh air.

Drinking plenty of water will flush your body of toxins, keeps your skin fresh, and helps you eat less. 

Foods not to eat

  • simple carbohydrates or high glycemic foods : 

fruit juices, sodas, sugary snacks, anything deep-fried, nonfat desserts and sweeteners, anything partially hydrogenated.





What is new for this summer’s family beach trip

To keep the entire family happy, and interested on relaxing on the beach (without the electronics ) try a couple of these fun and helpful gadgets.


Coolibar, Kids explorer hat UPA keeps them cool so they can stay busy with building their sand castle without complaining
TheCozy, beach blanket keeps the sand off your skin
ToolGadget, reusable foldable wine bottle keeps mom & dad happy

You stay on the beach and go for a long walk without getting too much sun

The Original Sunscreen, 16” umbrella small and easy to carry
Pottery barn, Family pop up tent
Rinsekit, portable shower keeps the entire family cool and washes away the sand
Travelon, waterproof pouch for cell phone or camera

Have a safe, fun, and relaxing trip.



2018 NY International Auto Show

NYIAS the largest Auto show in the country. Through April 8th at Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Audi R8
Jaguar F – Type
Lexus RC – F
Lotus Evora 400
Maserati Grancabrio
Mercedes Benz AMG GT C
Porsche 918 Spider
Lamborghini Aventador LP750

Love to know which one made it to your wish list…




Spring break and Bird watching

Black crested titmouse

Just about any location along the Gulf of Mexico’s Texas side is a great place to see migratory birds.

It’s a welcome sight for birds, since it’s the first solid landmass they’ve seen since leaving behind their wintering grounds in Latin America and the Caribbean. Often birds have been flying for 18 hours straight over the ocean to get here.
Sandhill cranes, geese and warblers can be seen here en mass.

Or, head to the Rio Grande Valley, a region four hours south of the preserve known for its combination of marshlands and woodlands. This valley is a great spot for songbirds and shorebirds to refuel. According to the World Birding Center, nearly 500 species have been spotted there over the years, including long-billed thrashers and black-crested titmouse.

Sandhill Crane
Long billed Thrasher

2 important things you would need for bird watching:

1- 7-power or 8-power binoculars—they’re a nice mix of magnification while still allowing you a wide enough view that your bird won’t be constantly hopping out of your image.

2- the Sibley Guide, in either its full North America version or smaller, more portable Eastern and Western editions. Other useful guides are Kaufman’s, Peterson’s, the National Geographic guide.


How to be prepared for the cold temperatures

Be prepared when you are walking or driving in frigid temperatures.

If walking dress in 3 layers.

-The layer close to skin should be a high performance material. Never cotton in winter, since cotton stays  wet when we sweat, and that will cause our body temperature to drop.
-2nd layer, wool or even fleece. Wool will keep it’s warmth even if it gets wet.
-3rd layer should a wind breaker.
Always cover your head, and pull a thin layer over your mouth & nose to heat the air you are breathing in. Gloves to keep hands warm.

In case you have to drive,
Always carry a blanket extra hats, and gloves in your car.
Keep an emergency supply kit a fully charged mobile phone, charger, spare batteries, sleeping bags, extra food and water.
Make sure family members and friends know your plans.

AAA road emergency kit