Easter Table Center Piece 🐇🥚🌷

How it started 😆
Final look

All Fresh flowers: tulips, baby’s breaths, and a dogwood branch. I used small glass vases with water to keep all the flowers fresh. Placed all the alabaster eggs and hard boiled eggs, in a pedestal cake stand, in the center. Eggs were boiled with red onion skin.

Happy Easter

Place cards for the holiday table😋

This is a fun project that my family actually loves to work on without complaining. It is part of setting our table for our family before sitting down to give thanks for all the wonderful goodness around us.

This year we are setting a smaller table, but the work is still there, and we need place cards to be clear who is sitting where. Yes for the three of us !! Our fun project started with gathering our supplies. We get creative and try to be colorful, interesting, and unique.

Cinnamon sticks wrapped in colorful ribbon holding a place card
Used a sharpie on Christmas tree balls

Please watch my video for more photos on how to make fun, natural, beautiful place cards with your family👍 Have a wonderful, safe holiday season💕